A little something while you wait…

I haven’t forgotten about the Quarter Query questions about the Hot Meal Ministry at Trinity, it is in the works.

While you are waiting for my write-up I have a little something you can look over.

I have started building a timeline covering the history of the Episcopal Mission of Warren County, and I thought that while it is far from completed, I would share it with you so you would have something to check out while you wait for the Quarter Query write-up.

Here is a link to the new timeline…  A Timeline of the History of the Episcopal Mission of Warren County

The timeline is in its infancy, but it does offer names of some of the clergy, over the years, along with highlighting some construction and changes to buildings.  Most of what I have on there is related to Trinity Memorial, only because I have researched it longer and have more information about it.  I will be adding information about St. Francis of Assisi as I move forward also.  Other churches that will be mentioned will include St. Luke’s in Kinzua, PA, St. John’s Episcopal church in Guam, and The Interfaith Chapel at Warren State Hospital all of which have ties to the EMWC.

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