Altar Guild Quarter Query Update

I just wanted to let you know I haven’t forgotten about my write-up for the Quarter Query about the Altar Guild at Trinity.  I can say that progress is slow with this one, and that I’m feeling like simply targeting “Altar Guild” is proving to be rather broad with regards to the amount of information I need to not only compile but then turn around and compact it into a short write-up while still offering a decent amount of history.

That said, I am not giving up on the project, and I am still very interested in anything others may offer about their knowledge of the history of the Altar Guild at Trinity Memorial.  For more detailed information about things I would love to hear about, please see my first post on this subject at “April 2017 Quarter Query:  The Altar Guild at Trinity” you will find the original questions and information about where to send responses to them.

Thank you for both your patience of my slow pace and for any responses to my questions you may have that could be of help to me in developing a more detailed picture of the Altar Guild at Trinity and what the Altar Guild means not only to those involved in it, but to those who maybe aren’t in the Altar Guild, but find meaning in what the members of the Altar Guild do.

– Jenn
A Historian For
The Episcopal Mission
of Warren County, PA

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