The August Quarter Query Topic is “In the Beginning”

I was talking with someone about my project, and they offered a really good suggestion I hadn’t thought of, but when I heard it, I felt like it was a no-brainer to go with.

I will be using the story about how Trinity Memorial came into existence as my next Quarter Query write-up.  As was pointed out to me, there are some who are very familliar with the story, but at the same time there are others who likely know very little if anything about the begining of Trinity Memorial Church of Warren.

My goal is to help those who aren’t familliar with the story to have a starting point, but at the same time with a bit of luck, maybe I can shed some light on details that those who are familiar with the story might be able to take something away from it as well.

Since the next QQ will be about how Trinity Memorial came into existence, I felt that simply calling the piece “In the Beginning” seemed fitting.

Thank you to Mary Lou C.  who is a member of Trinity Memorial for this idea, it was a topic I had overlooked but as I think about it, really is a key piece of Trinity’s history.


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