August Quarter Query to be delayed

I’ve been super busy, and am struggling to find time to do any research lately, so I might be delayed in getting the August Quarter Querey entitled “In the beginning”  written-up on time.  I’m thinking that if things stay as hectic in my life as they have been the past few weeks, I will need to shift the date for the write-up to sometime in September or early October.  This summer has proven to be my busiest summer in a really long time. so this is unusual for me to be as busy as I’ve been recently, and I am hoping that things settle and I can get back on track with my Quarter Query research and write-ups.

I just didn’t want folks to think I had abandoned the project, so I figured a little post letting folks know what is happening might be a good thing.  I think I might be able to really start putting some effort into the research component starting this coming Saturday since one of the things that has really derailed my ability to research will be done tomorrow which will mean I should have some more free-time to dedicate to research.  I’m hoping that I can do a bit of a miracle and get the August QQ written up in time to post it in August, but now the idea of trying to get the research done and the write-up written in a couple of weeks feels a bit overwhelming so September seems more realistic in light of where I’m at with the research phase of the project.

Thank you in advance for your patience about the delay, I hope to do better with being ontime in the future, just not a realistic goal for this quarter.


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