Trinity Memorial Celebrates their 150th Anniversary

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This is a permalink to an article that appeared in I think the Saturday, November 11, 2017 edition of the Warren Times Observer.  It talks about the upcoming celebration to be held on Wednesday, November 15, 2017 from 6:00 until 9:00 at Trinity Memorial Episcopal Church of Warren, PA.

If you are in The Warren, PA area, and would like to celebrate with us, feel free to stop by.  We have a timeline on the wall of the parlor, that covers the entire history of Trinity, and then one of our Clergy members is graciously allowing use of his office for the smaller display of artifacts, articles and such.  There is a special service beginning 6pm to kick things off.

If you are baptized in any Christian church, you are more than welcome to take communion in the Episcopal church, but if you are either not Baptized or simply are not comfortable with taking communion, you are welcome to go up with everyone else and simply cross your arms forming an “X” across your chest and the Priest will offer a blessing on you.  Also, we do use real wine for communion, so for those who choose not to sip the wine, that is perfectly acceptable.  In the Episcopal church we view the partaking of just the bread or just the wine by themselves as whole communion.  Some who opt not to take a sip of wine will simply touch the side of the chalice and find that simple action to be very meaningful to them.

As for how to dress, you will find that at Trinity folks who regularly attend will be seen in everything from shorts and a t-shirt to the other end of the spectrum wearing a suit and tie.  Just come as you are, we will be happy to have you celebrate with us whether you wear rags or fine jewels.  I think you will find that at Trinity, we are more interested in who the person is than we are the clothing being worn.

If you would like a face to put with this blog, I will be pretty easy to find.  Just look for the person with the scruffy white Service Dog after the service I’ll be in the office with the smaller display and will be doing my best to answer questions about Trinity’s history as people checkout the display that we have been working on.

I’ve been involved with creating a display of articles, photos, and other artifacts from Trinity’s past so I’m once again behind on the next quarter query.  I hope that my work towards helping with the 150th Anniversary is viewed as a legitimate excuse for why I’m behind… I can say that I may be re-using some of what I have found while working on the 150th as sources for use in my Quarter Queries so there could be some recycling of info occurring between the two projects.

Peace be with you!

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