My minimal goals include ….

  • Gathering and compiling information for a “Quarter Query”
  • Look at not just current events within each parish, but look at events of yesteryear
  • Try to alternate topics for the Quarter Query so that both St. Francis and Trinity are highlighted in a balanced way
  • Maintain a printed paper copy of the posts at both St. Francis and Trinity so that people without internet can explore the history as well. I’m thinking a binder at each place that can be updated easily.
  • Do my best to physically visit St. Francis from time to time.  I don’t have a car so this will be tricky, but I feel like it would be good to know folks there a little better than I do now.
  • Be as correct as I humanly can in sharing my findings.
  • Most importantly have fun while I share my interest in the history of the EMWC with the world in what I hope will be interesting to others.

Ways that you can help ….

  • Submit topic ideas for me to consider for use in my Quarter Query posts.
  • If you have an interesting story that you would like to add to the history of the EMWC archives, give those to me as well.
  • Donate artifacts such as newspaper clippings, photos, newsletters or other items from other places that talk about an event, books published by any church under the EMWC umbrella, or anything else you might have in an attic that gives a glimpse into the history of St. Francis, Trinity, St. Luke’s (Kinzua), St. John’s (Guam), the Interfaith chapel (Warren State Hospital) these places all have ties to each other and each place is a piece of the history of the EMWC.
  • If you see something I might not be totally correct on, let me know so I can double-check it and make corrections to make sure things are as correct as I can possibly get them.
  • If you read a book or something that talks about the history of the Episcopal Church overall, that you think might help me with that part of EMWC’s history, share the title and author’s name with me so I can add it to my list of books to consider adding to my “books to read” list.

Ways to send items or information ….

  • email me at  … research@atlanticbb.net
  • snail mail the item or info to …
    • Trinity Memorial Church of Warren
    • 444 Penn. Ave. W.
    • Warren PA, 16365
    • ATTN: Historian
  • or if you see me (Jenn with “Orca”) you can hand it directly to me I’m commonly found at Trinity Memorial, but am going to try to get out to St. Francis when possible.

Typed would be preferred, but I will be happy to accept information in whatever format it is donated in.


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